Well, I’ve been talking about it here since 2008 and it is finally confirmed: SOUNDGARDEN IS REUNITING!!!!

This from Chris Cornell’s Twitter:

The 12 year break is over & school is back in session. Sign up now. Knights of the Soundtable ride again!

Could there be a better way to start this year?!?  I’m so excited right now that I’ve all but forgotten how much I threw up earlier this morning!

You may not see another post this year but if you’re a fan at all you’ll get your internet butt over to soundgardenworld.com and sign up for their newsletter.  No doubt if when they hit the road tickets will go fast.

See you there!


Chin Music

Hey there.  I don’t have much to say about this band or this song, but the video is pretty ridiculous.  Here’s The Obits with “Pine On” from their album I Blame You:

Nice to see an amusing, unique take on something so simple.  Too bad the song kind of reminds me of something The Hives would’ve thrown away in 2002.  Oh well.

Also, if you’re a Cave In fan make sure you check out their new EP Planets of Old which is streaming right now, right here.  Love those guitars.

More soon…

Ill Communication

Hi.  I’m still trying to figure out a way to make this blog interesting (to me at the very least, and hopefully you the reader), but in the meantime I thought I would pass along the news you’re likely to see somewhere else first.  Adam Yauch, whom you also know as MCA of the Beastie Boys has been diagnosed with cancer.  Hit up the AV Club to read more about it and check out the video below:

And now for the understatement of the century: cancer sucks.  If you don’t know anyone personally who has had to fight cancer then count your blessings.  As a society we should be well past the point of being “shocked” by the news that anyone, celebrity or otherwise, has cancer in this day and age unfortunately, and Yauch seems to be about the last person on the planet who would want special attention just because he’s “got old school flows like Mike McGill.”  So join me in simply saying GET WELL, dude.

More soon probably…

Oh, Fred.

With all due respect to the Limp Bizkit fans in the world (and for that matter the Michael Jackson fans in the world) sometimes a well intended act of respect just doesn’t come across that way to the rest of us.  You’ve seen the clip of Michael’s father changing subjects in an interview from his son’s death to some new Blu-Ray’s he’s promoting?  Well, file this in the same category of regret:


And, yeah, normally I don’t show the actual page address for my links but I felt like the title of this one was probably calling out for an exception.


A View To A Kill.

Morning.  Just stopping in to let you know the new Alice in Chains single is out and you can grab a free mp3 by visitng the band’s website and giving them your email address.  The song is called “A Looking in View” and if this track is any indication of how the rest of the album is then I’m going to go ahead and say that this puppy could be a major hit.  It’s a heavy, heavy track that wouldn’t be entirely out of place on either Facelift or the self-titled record.  Do I miss Layne Staley’s voice on the song? Sure, but smartly this first single is heavy on the harmony, with new singer William DuVall and guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell basically singing in unison throughout.  As such, there’s really nothing about this song that doesn’t feel exactly like Alice in Chains.  I am as surprised by this as I am aware now of just how much I have missed this sound.  Cantrell’s guitar sounds like it must weigh nine hundred pounds on this track.  Here’s the teaser for the video, which should also be out sometime today I think:

So welcome back Alice in Chains!  Hopefully, if nothing else, by the end of the day this song will be all over the radio and those bands that have been blatantly ripping you off while you’ve been gone (let’s just call them “Godsmack”) will realize the gig is at last up and will then do us all a favor by running far, far away where they will never be heard from again.  Ever.  Please.

The album Black Gives Way To Blue won’t be out until September 29th, so that’s almost three more months to get over the fact that Layne is gone and this new music might – just might – actually be really good.  Let’s hope so.  I’m at least very, very optimistic now.

More soon…

Say Say Say…

Well, you know the news that’s taking up the space of just about everything today and I do feel somewhat obliged to comment on it since this is (occasionally) a music blog and also because I’ve written about Michael Jackson before.  But I don’t really have a clue what I could possibly add to the discourse.  Not only that, let’s be honest: the dude was polarizing.  On the one hand, Michael gave us a great song like “Smooth Criminal.”  On the other,  that same very song is the reason why most of us have heard of Alien Ant Farm.  See what I mean?  But the fact of the matter is – and this is true for all artists I believe – that time ultimately cares more about the art than the artist.  Meaning that in a hundred years Michael’s scandals, skin color, and eccentricities will largely be the kind of things only those who read books about him will know (assuming there are still books 100 years from now).  So, really, the only smart thing to say about Michael Jackson is that his legacy will be his music.

Here’s where normally I would just post a video and call it a day, but I think of all that I’ve heard or read about Michael since the news of his death it’s this quote from musician Saul Williams that is probably the most profound:  I received a MJ scholarship frm the 25 mill he gave UNCF for performing arts students. Thank u MJ 4 inspiring & funding my dreams& education.

I didn’t know about that, did you?  Does knowing that change how we should feel about Michael based upon the various accusations that circled his personal life?  No, I can’t say that it should change anything.  But it’s further evidence of just how broad his influence has had and may continue to have upon modern music, even in ways that we may not be able to detect in the music itself.  I don’t think Saul sounds anything like Michael Jackson, and yet here he is saying that there might not be Saul Williams music without him.  So, really, maybe the only truly smart thing to say is that his legacy will be the music of others.

More next week…

Quick & Sunny.

Talk of another Sunny Day Real Estate reunion (this time featuring original bassist Nate Mendel) has been confirmed apparently.  You can read the scoop over at Idolator.com, where they provide October dates for the two shows scheduled thus far.  And then look through the comments, where someone has noticed that oddly one of those dates isn’t listed on Ticketmaster’s page and is instead replaced by a date in Atlanta.  So, in other words….yeah, expect this all to possibly change.  But good news nonetheless for fans.  Now let’s get Texas is the Reason, Mineral, and Sense Field on the opening bill and we’ll have us a gay old time…

Just don’t invite Paramore:

UPDATE: Billboard has some quotes from Enigk on the reunion along with the full list of dates.  Click here to have a read.

More soon…